Posted by: anomsuratno | December 2, 2007

Blankon Linux Versi 2.0

I have many things to do today so I become so confused what to do. then I decided to go to “my lab” for taking the semester test material made by my colleague the day before. So here I am in my lab.

Turn on my computer with Zenwalk distro ( I like this distro because it runs fast in my AMD Duron 850 Mhz with only 128 M of RAM minus 16 M for the shared SIS Video card).

I started with opening Firefox and open, and  Reading some of the article and my eyes stumbled upon the release of FullCircleMagazine in Then I decided to download 7 issues of eight. Actually, I’ve got the first issue but I forget where I put the files.

While downloading I take a look at the release of Blankon 2.0. I’ve tried Blankon 1.0 but not really feel excited with it because it was based on Fedora Core which in my opinion, a little bit hard to set up rather than other distro like Mandrake or Mandriva, or Suse/OpenSuse and of course Ubuntu.

In my learning of Linux, I’ve had tried some distros and I use some of them. In my computer at home I use OpenSuse 10.2 (most of the time), Ubuntu 7.05 Moslem Edition and OpenSuse 10.3 (just give it a try and not yet feel satiesfied caused by printing problem).

Back to Blankon…
The second version of Blankon is based on Ubuntu with the capablities of the multimedia which can not be found in Ubuntu. It is understood that multimedia is one thing that a Windows user will feel not interested to use Linux. Especially when he doesn’t have good internet connection or at all., because we can configure the multimedia easily with it.

Now I’m downloading the iso from the mirror I tried the UGM repo but it was too slow that I wasn’t sure whether it could be succeeded or not, so I changed to kambing mirror.

Let’s wait and I promise I’ll review Blankon 2.0.


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