Posted by: anomsuratno | December 7, 2007

My Laptop HP 520

Finally I decided to buy a laptop. I chose HP 520 with 1 G of RAM 1,6 Celeron, 80G of Hardisk. The reason why I chose HP was that it was cheap, only Rp. 5.400.000,-. It was only with 512 M RAM but after bargaining I got 512 M more plus an HP flashdisk and a mouse.
I decided to install OpenSuse 10.3 from InfoLinux DVD and now I’m hacking the laptop: installing the necessary multimedia codecs from the internet.
Most of the hardware work out of the box.
The soundcard, graphic card and others. The wireless had also been configured properly. I just need to test it in the hotspot.

Today I bought an access point for the school. It’s a bit hard for me to set it up because I didn’t know the idea of IP addressing. But finally I got the point.

One problem that I have with my laptop is that I can connect to my own access point and also the hotspot in campus. Why, I am still wondering.

So I installed Ubuntu 7.10 The Gutsy Gibbon. Everything works except the wireless LAN. It needs internet connection to enable it. It complained about the restricted driver and that I need to install the firmware to be able to use the wireless LAN.

Never mind, I went to Warnet and make it possible to work with a little googling.

But still I can’t connect to my campus hotspot eventhough the signal strength is high.

Then I work with ndiswrapper.



  1. i read in one of your posts that you finally got the HP 520 wireless working with linux ubuntu 7.10.

    i am very new to linux and dont really know much. infact my first install was ubuntu and it was today can you please advice me how you got it working in detail.

    sorry if i ask for many details like link and stuff. please email to me. on eject_hunter(a)

    many thanks

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