Posted by: anomsuratno | December 22, 2007

HP 520 and Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10

After some time looking for a “suitable” laptop, I decided to buy HP 520 with Intel Celeron 1.6 G, 1G RAM, 80 G Hardisk SATA, Intel 945GM Video Card, Broadcom 94311 mini PCI, 14.1″ Display, DVD/CDRW.
Why I chose HP compared to Acer or Toshiba? The first reason is HP supports open source. It is proven by the support for the HP printers which I can say Linux printers. When it released new products the driver for the printers are easy to be found. So I thought it is best for me to buy HP laptop.
The second reason is that most of my friends at Post Graduate bought Acer so I want to be different from them. The third reason is because I can afford to buy the laptop. It’s only 5.400.000 rupiah. That’s all the money I could get.
At first I took a look at Lenovo but it was only with 512 of RAM. The second is Toshiba L25 with Vista and Acer.
So be it. Here I am with HP 520.
Fortunately, I had just received 2 CDs from Canonical. Yes, they are Gutsy CDs, i386 and 64. So I installed Gutsy on this laptop. Everything works even the Fn Keys, except the wireless LAN. So I decided to use the Ndiswrapper and now it works.
First, I connected to the internet using the Ethernet Card, update my repository and find suitable apps that I need.
You can ask me the how to of course. Just comment on this blog. OK.

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  1. hi, i also have the same laptop and i am new to linux infact its my first time even installing one successfully.

    i am using the Ubuntu 7.10 distro can you please give me step by step instructions. with links and whatever. if it helps i have already downloaded the ndiswrapper-1.52.tar however dont really know how to use it.

    my email is


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